Monday, June 21, 2010

O Wonderous Grape

O wonderous grape!
Thy size belies the depths you offer
To those seeking shelter from harsh reality.

Be mine, O slender cup of wine,
Envelope mine own within your tender fist.

Yet more, slip down my throat as easily
As the words that pour from thy bottle.

For the wealth of esteem that doth gush within
Brought forth by the Easy Grace of the tipple.

Take heed of my plead
For I cannot.
Will not.
Crawl back within mine shell.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shut yer bloody Venus fly trap

Yer reckon ya got the goods
Then she laughs like a brayin' donkey
and yer feel the kick in yer guts like one.
'er clothes are owrigh'
Bit flash for Collins Street toffs but she'll do.
Then she opens 'er trap and lets rip.
She's blousy, the old bird, sheila, girl,
On the game too long wif no care no more,
And don't dress propa none, too.
She bends ov'r to snatch the dropped purse and yer see
A sight so crass
yer blush and shrink in shame.