Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ode to Architecture

Based on My Country

I love a saw-toothed roofline,
A house with sweeping drives,
Of poly-chromed chim-in-nees,
Lead windows divided in fives.

I love the odd slate rooftop,
The wrought iron filligrees, too,
The slab hut outline in paddocks,
With a brick pile and a flue.

I love the sandstone mansions,
With gothic windows bare,
Return verandahs and flagstones,
Gardens tended with loving care.

Bendigo miners huts are endangered,
With developers running amok,
They're numbered in their hundreds
While poor taste makes a buck.

Last night I dreamed of Manderlay,
Of Como, Ripponlea and Fortuna,
Their dazzling days are long gone,
Futures hanging on a mezzaluna.

I love the history in architecture,
The lessons writ in mortar,
But sometimes planning ministers and heritage consults...
I wish to draw and quarter!